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You would retreat to the shore and see it rushing, foaming, foaming, and whitening…
This is the crazy heart: It rushes, too… Like a bubbling, whistling wind like bubbling water, it
flows, flows, flows like rain. him you! I can’t tell anyone. I’ve waited years. I always wanted

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to be happy. I would beg. I whined. At night I called to the moon and the stars. I made a wish
for my heart. I expected support from the wolf, the lamb, the flying bird, the swaying leaves,
the rain and the wind. I finally found happiness. Shall I tell you the mystery of happiness
now?– I don’t know about your situation… Your eyes were shining. When I saw the flutter in

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his heart and the interruption in his breathing, I said maybe he has a problem, he needs a
herbalist… How do I know it is “Love” that makes you excited, foaming, pouring foam…– It
just didn’t happen. Has anyone told you about love? I didn’t speak of love either. Where did
you get these words from?–

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Nothing! I do not want to make you sad. I don’t want to have
said anything out of the blue that you need to explain… I just…– What is “Alone”? Embrace
an enthusiasm and support it with joy? Or is it to prevent the one who has experienced
happiness and joy because you did not live?– I… Never thought of it that way.– I think you

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did. But I immediately understood. If I had let go, if I hadn’t cared, how well you would have
pierced my heart… How well you would have chosen the things that came your way from my
thoughts… As I got excited, rumble, how much you would have distorted the muddy sandy

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water as you immersed the bucket in your hand, and how you would have distorted life… B
interpreting those pure feelings in your own way, by destroying that inner joy and happiness
from your heart, what would you do? you would have destroyed it well… Don’t say that, I’m
sorry. – It’s a misconception that you don’t get upset. You are the one who should have been
upset from the very beginning… Aren’t you the one who hinders me under all
circumstances? Who always finds a reason to upset me? – Enough! I can’t stand it. I just kept
quiet. – Why are you silent? I don’t think you should shut up. If the right is yours, you should
speak without being silent. No, if you don’t have the right, I think you didn’t have it from the
beginning, why did you speak without your rights all these years? Why did you stop me
talking and saying all these years? What did you think me? Or did you act like this because
the people around you wanted it? “Don’t mind him. Did they say, “You can be fooled very
easily”? I think you should be the one who bleeds… You should be ashamed for trying to
deceive and confront me…– I’ve never looked at it that way.– You couldn’t. I don’t think
you’re still looking. You are like a sail that changes direction according to the blowing wind.
You swell with it and show your body. You are pale, stagnant, and indulgent on your own.
You wouldn’t be worth a penny without the wind… Do you know what a penny is? How
would you know… How would you know it was the smallest currency in history…– Don’t.
Don’t humiliate me. Do others think so?– I guess so! Maybe much worse… There must be an
important reason why they chose the worst. – What’s the point? – You don’t hold any value
even to those who worship money. – Am I such a bad person? – I don’t know if you’re
human or not. The human would have value. There would be someone who would look at
him with respect… Right, even those who worship money don’t look at you, you have no
value even in their eyes, I can say that you are worthless to you. I can say that there is no
possibility for you to be human in this life…– Enough is enough. Good thing I asked. You
finished me. What did I do to you?– Don’t you know what you did? Foam, foam, foam, foam,
if you took me and embraced me, if you waited for the foam behind me to go out, you would
calm my anger …